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The Fleet CoPilot was developed bearing in mind the pains of fleet owners as well as the drivers' safety.

Therefore the Fleet CoPilot reduces fuel costs by enforcing a more efficient fuel usage and it also reduces expenses in maintenance by ensuring a safer and more careful way of driving. All data from the vehicle can be monitored and tracked during its trajectories.

dynamic power manager module icon

dynamic power manager module

  • allows you to limit the power according to the engine's temperature;
  • allows you to limit speed;
  • allows you to limite RPM;
  • adjusts the vehicle's power according the acceleration;
  • registers improper uses of the vehicles.
diagnostic trouble codes module icon

diagnostic trouble codes module

  • allows you to see errors and monitor any failures;
  • allows you to erase errors;
  • recordes the last 60 seconds before any warning light of error turns on.
tracking module icon

tracking module

  • includes a GPS tracking system;
  • registers all the vehicle's trajectories.

your fleet at your fingertips

Our online platform gives you easy access to your fleet, so that you can manage various elements such as the load and the speed of each vehicle. It also sends alerts with possible breakdowns that the vehicles might experience, thus enabling predictive maintenance.

The Fleet CoPilot also allows you to know exactly where each vehicle is at all times. All the functions in our modules are available on the platform. Thought to be user-friendly and accessible in everyday device, our platform guarantees constant access to the fleet's information

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